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    Hospitality Arrangements – VIP


    Hospitality Arrangements – VIP

    The Organisers of Rally Argentina have entrusted EN VIVO PRODUCCIONES with the task of providing quality hospitality services. These are real thematic parks with capacity for 2000 people located at strategic stages of the rally. Those who access this area experience the excitement of the event at the best jumps and turns during a day full of entertainment and all inclusive facilities and services.

    The FANATIC VIP hospitalities will be distributed as follows:

    Thursday, May 8th and Saturday May 10th
    Super Special Stage Thematic Park Villa Carlos Paz

    Sunday, May 11
    El Condor – Copina

    For information and tickets:
    TE: (0351) 153 722 382
    E-mail: info@fanaticrally.com / reservas@fanaticrally.com
    Website: www.fanaticrally.com


    9.2 Tourist Services

    To fully enjoy Rally Argentina, we recommend you to contact the tourist operator “ALTAMARCA VIAJES (EVT 14.595)”; a company with over 20 years of experience offering serious and reliable services understanding and satisfying all the client’s needs. Exclusive All inclusive packages including:

    • Accommodation
    • Transportation to the stages
    • Exclusive hospitality spaces
    • Preferential location in the Super Special Stages
    • Official Rally Kit
    • Optional services: flight tickets, shuttles from and to the airport, rent-a-car,special services for guests (promenades, outings, etc)

    Furthermore, we offer you distinctive and unique services that you won’t find anywhere else: Helicopter and rally car rides, exclusive locations at the shakedown and access to the SP, autographs T-shirts, etc.

    Contact us today:
    Phone: + 54 11 4733 3322 / +54 (9) 11 5409 8161
    E-mail: info@altamarca.com.ar
    Website: www.altamarca.com.ar


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