Rally Argentina 2019 and Speed Agro, an alliance that gets stronger | Rally Argentina

  • 27 de February de 2019

    Rally Argentina 2019 and Speed Agro, an alliance that gets stronger

    The leading Company which offers comprehensive solutions for agriculture in Argentina and around the world, is once again the naming sponsor for FIA World Rally Championship which is to be held in Argentina from the 25th to the 28th of April and which will be called: XION Rally Argentina 2019.


    For the 39th edition of the round organized by Automóvil Club Argentino, the relationship with SpeedAgro is renewed. Since 2012 SpeedAgro has participated in different occasions in this motorsport event which is the most convening motorsport event in Argentina.

    Based in one of the provinces in which the agricultural activity is one of the main driving forces which mobilize economy, SpeedAgro finds in XION Rally Argentina an unbeatable channel to show the different solutions it offers to agriculture with its compound formulation coadjuvants, like the ones in the Speed Wet XION line.  Our products follow our own research and development procedures under strict quality and safety protocols, with a commitment with the environment.

    The Organization of the XION Rally Argentina 2019 once again welcomes SpeedAgro, and thanks it for its participation in a race that brings together the best drivers and teams on the WRC planet.

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