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  • 2 de April de 2018

    Night Super Special Stage in Villa Carlos Paz will Open 2018

    The opening show of Rally Argentina 2018 will move to Villa Carlos Paz with the Night Super Special Stage of Thursday, April 26th. The action will be concentrated in the touristic city that will be once again the epicenter of one of the most popular events of the country.


    The governor of the Province of Córdoba, Juan Schiaretti, the mayor of the city of Villa Carlos Paz, Esteban Avilés, the President of Cordoba Tourism Agency Julio Bañuelos, the President of Cordoba Sports, Medardo Ligorria and the Secretary of Tourism of Villa Carlos Paz, Sebastián Boldrini held a meeting in the Government’s Palace where David Eli, General Coordinator of Rally Argentina, provided details of this new circuit that will officially open the 38th edition of this competition.

    In the presentation of the Night Super Special Stage, David Eli mentioned that the street circuit will have 1,9 km and a mixed surface where tarmac will prevail. It will also offer an appealing track for spectators and drivers before they face the mountain stages.

    The start for cars will be the same one as previous editions of the Night Super Special Stage in the city of Córdoba, where crews will start one by one and will take only one lap.

    The location change for the night special was because the site used for the special stage has become now the construction site for the new legislature, where the Civic Center is. However, the Night Super Special of Córdoba will be remembered as the “best staging in the 2017 calendar” according to the WRC Promoter, the FIA and contesting teams.

    In the search for a new venue, the mayor of Villa Carlos Paz accepted the proposal of a night street stage where the comeback of the Rally Argentina start will take place in the “heart of the rally”, as it was stated by David Eli to the Governor and Mayor.

    On Thursday, April 26th at 07:05 p.m., Rally Argentina 2018 will officially start; a sport event that has been organized by the Argentine Automobile Club for 38 years.

    The ACA CUP is back

    Same as previous editions, the ACA Cup will return to Rally Argentina 2018 for motor sport lovers to be part of this race that gathers together the best drivers of the planet.

    Likewise, the ACA Cup will share the round with the WRC and the FIA Codasur.

    To participate, the interested ones must enter the website.

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