FIA CODASUR and Copa ACA also stand up | Rally Argentina
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  • 27 de April de 2018

    FIA CODASUR and Copa ACA also stand up

    At the CODASUR, which only competes in the morning, on the first pass of each special stage, Alejandro Galanti leads the overall with 53:42.4 after its first five stages. The Paraguayan driver (Toyota Etios), had a good day since que won on the SS2 and the SS4. After him, come Alejandro Cancio (Skoda Fabia) and Gustavo Saba (Skoba Fabia) 18.6 seconds and 29.4 seconds away from the lead respectively.

    At the Copa ACA, Luis Acerluz (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X) is the new leader with 56:46.8. His runner-up, David Nalbandian (Chevrolet Onix), won three special stages and he is 22.8 seconds away from the leading position. Rodrigo Zeballos (Peugeot 208) completes the podium, 4:34.4 away from the lead.


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