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  • 20 de January de 2012


    After many years, Rally Argentina returns to the long distance format. The rally will be characterized by the extension of its stages and the return of some old times classics.

    The 32nd edition of Rally Argentina, organized by the Automovil Club Argentino, has already confirmed its itinerary. The fifth WRC round, to be run on April 26 to 29, 2012 will have 19 special stages and a total of 503 timed kilometers.

    After several months of work, the Organizing Committee of the event designed a route that will recall that of old editions and will have stages of up to 66km long.

    An Endurance Rally
    The concept of extended, challenging and demanding races has been installed in the World Rally Championship and Rally Argentina will join this tendency to offer an impassioned event.

    In 2012 edition, the three competitive days going from Friday through Sunday will be retained, plus a super special stage to be run on Thursday night. But the big novelty will be the long stages, with seven of them overpassing 32km of extension.

    Each rally day will be a new challenge for drivers and cars and each one of them will count upon a maximum extension stage. On Friday there will be two passages over Ascochinga – Agua de Oro of 52.84km, on Saturday the SS Athos Pampa – Golpe de Agua of 43.70km will also be repeated, while for the closure on Sunday, El Durazno – Ambul stands out being 66km long.

    The return of some “classics” and the renewal of others
    The itinerary proposes a mixture of this event’s best stages of all times. Friday will mark the return, after many years, of some classics like La Pampa – La Pampa (32,50km) or the historic crossing over Pan de Azucar Hill through the road connecting Cosquin and Villa Allende (19.18km).
    On Saturday, Calamuchita Valley will witness a new special stage introduced in the WRC: the one joining Athos Pampa with Golpe the Agua in 43.70km.
    On Sunday, the most nostalgic ones will enjoy the new running of the crossing of Los Gigantes mountain range, the longest stage ever in the history of Rally Argentina and in the recent years of the series: El Durazno – Ambul with 66km of extension.
    Together with these stages, the structure of the rally will retain the always up to date Mina Clavero – Giulio Cesare and El Condor –Copina, plus the Super Special Stages at Carlos Paz Thematic Park to be run on Thursday night and on Saturday, and the outstanding San Agustin – Santa Rosa and Amboy – Santa Monica.

    Power Stage in Copina
    The picturesque hanging bridges of Copina will host the last SS of Rally Argentina 2012, being broadcasted worldwide on a live transmission.
    The test to be run in the last 5 km of El Condor-Copina will mark a breaking point, with the whole world’s audience following minute by minute the definition of the event in a unique natural landscape as a perfect backdrop.
    With over 500km of special stages and 1700km of itinerary in total, the competition is set to be won not only by the fastest, but by the strongest.

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