After a great overcoming Loeb won the Rally of Argentina 2011 | Rally Argentina

  • 29 de May de 2011

    After a great overcoming Loeb won the Rally of Argentina 2011

    A huge crowd enjoyed a stunning fight for the victory in the 31st edition of the Rally of Argentina 2011. French Sebastien Loeb (Citroen DS3 WRC) won again in Argentine ground and had his sixth consecutive victory.

    In the first stage of Sunday, Sebastien Ogier rolled his Citroen DS3 WRC, and even, if he was able to finish the stage, his car started to loose oil and power. His team mate, Sebastien Loeb, took advantage of the 48.21 kilometres that join Ascochinga and Agua de Oro to trim the difference and be at 21.5 seconds from the lead. Finn Mikko Hirvonen (Ford Fiesta RS WRC) was also awaiting and positioned at 1.6 seconds from Loeb.

    The super special was for Petter Solberg (Citroen DS3 WRC), though all the expectations were for the first three positions. Ogier, Loeb and Hirvonen were within 6 seconds and we could breath in a stunning fight for the lead.

    The last stage had all the Power
    The Power Stage run at Cabalango – Villa García stage was the one to have a unique show. Petter Solberg, who was just too far away to get a place in the podium, put his Citroen DS3 WRC to the test and won three very valuable points for the championship. Spectators cheered Petter but still the best was yet to come.

    Loeb, who on the first day got penalized with one minute, had already made up the lost time and was just too close from winning. After finishing the stage, he waited for Hirvonen’s and Ogier’s passings, which would decide the winner of the sixth round for the World Championship. Finally, none of the drivers was able to superseed the french in the overall and he became the winner of the 31st edition of the Rally of Argentina. Petter Solberg, Mads Ostberg (Ford Fiesta RS WRC), Federico Villagra (Ford Fiesta RS WRC), Jari-Matti Latvala (Ford Fiesta RS WRC) and Matthew Wilson (Ford Fiesta RS WRC) filled up the first eight positions.

    The World Championship for the Production cars was for Hayden Paddon, his first victory in Argentina with a great difference of 7:50.3 over Swedish Patrik Flodin. The PWRC podium was filled up by Russian Dmitry Tarigov.

    The positions for the World Rally Championship after Rally of Argentina
    With the results obtained for the sixth round of the World Rally Championship held in our country, Sébastien Loeb keeps leadng the championship with 126 points. Mikko Hirvonen (113 points) and Sébastien Ogier (96 points) fill up the first three positions.

    A victory that changed historical statistics
    Sébastien Loeb got his sixth consecutive victory becoming the driver who won more times on Argentine ground. Citroen got his seventh victory in Argentina and matched Lancia as one of the most winning teams of this world event.
    With Loeb’s victory, France reached his ninth victory in the country and reached Finland as the most winning countries in Argentine rallies.

    The Copa ACA had winners from three different latin american countries
    The Latin American drivers also run a stunning race at the same time the WRC was in full motion. In the first super special of Ascochinga-Agua de Oro, Sebastiàn Abramián broke the precap of his car and was not able to continue. With the abandonment of the driver from Córdoba, the lead went to Agustín Rossi, who would win with a difference of 1:42,0 over chilean Cristóbal Vidaurre. The podium was filled up by Rodrigo Virreira from Bolivia.

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